Thomas Phillip Power (408700)Flying Officer

    F/O Thomas Power (408700) was born in Melbourne Victoria on April 26, 1919 and enlisted in the RAAF at the age of 19 on May 22, 1941 and after his training at 11EFTs, 7 SFTS and 1OTU was posted to 77 Squadron in March, 1942. He was posted to 2OTU Mildura as a Staff Flying Instructor in March 1943.

    On August 17 1943, F/O Power the Staff Flying Instructor and P/O Michael Perry Stowell Dicken (419115) as the Pupil Pilot and were both aboard Wirraway A20-545 carrying out section combat exercises where P/O Dicken was taking instruction as part on No.23 Fighter Operational Training Course. The Wirraway was seen by another crew in the exercise to pull suddenly out of a steep dive at low altitude and see one of A20-545’s wings part company from the aircraft. This then followed into an unrecoverable dive into the ground 24km South East of 2OTU, tragically both pilots’ sustained fatal injuries instantly.

    F/O T.P. Power aged 24 was buried on August 17, 1943 at the Mildura War Cemetery.

    Biography – Mildura 2OTU Heritage Inc