Ronald William Milledge (438258)Flight Sergeant

    F/Sgt Ron Milledge (438258) enlisted in Melbourne on September 10, 1943, trained as a pilot at 5SFTS Uranquinty.

    Flying Mustang A68-636 on September 13, 1945, in a “V” formation at 20,000 feet as part of Course No.44 as part of his Fighter Operational Conversion Training onto Mustangs, where he succumbed to anoxia due to a failure in the oxygen system. The aircraft started to disintegrate at 2000 feet due to the over speeding, and the wreckage was finally located near Pine Tank (NSW), 20 miles NE of the aerodrome. F/Sgt Ron Milledge was 20 years of age.

    Aknowledgement– Jack Shuter (Course 44)