Philip Guiheneuf (8354)Corporal Fitter 2A

    CLP Philip Guihenef (8354) was born at Ringwood in Vic on June 28, 1919 and enlisted in the RAAF at Laverton as Aircrew 1 on January 29, 1940. After completing training and duties at many different units along with being promoted to Corporal in 1943, was posted to Mildura 2OTU on February 1, 1944, with 3 years and 9 months experience as a RAAF fitter 11A.

    12 months into the posting at Mildura 2OTU Philip was admitted to No.6 RAAF Hospital Heidelberg, Melbourne on January 27, 1945 seriously ill with Hodgkins Disease, three and half weeks later he died of that illness on February 22.

    CLP Philip Guihenef aged 25 is buried at the Springvale War Cemetery in Melbourne.

    Biography – Mildura 2OTU Heritage Inc