Laurence Peter Kaye (62418)Flight Sergeant

    F/Sgt Laurence Kaye (62418) was born at Mosman on December 20, 1923 and enlisted in the RAAF at 2RC Sydney on February 23, 1942 and after his EFTS and SFTS training was posted to 2OTU Mildura.

    On May 25, 1945 F/Sgt Kaye was engaged in section attack exercises flying Kittyhawk A29-165, the target aircraft was to fly straight and level, while the attacking aircraft F/Sgt Kaye in company with 3 others in the formation were to carry out rear quarter camera gunnery attacks breaking off at 100yards

    F/Sgt Kaye, unfortunately, struck the target aircraft during the exercise severely damaging it which was successfully landed at base. F/Sgt Kaye aircraft dived vertically into the ground and disintegrated on impact.

    P/Sgt Laurence Kaye aged 21 is buried at the Mildura War Cemetery.

    Biography – Mildura 2OTU Heritage Inc