Kenneth George Chester (10167)Flying Officer

    F/O Kenneth Chester (10167) was born at Mt Gambier SA on March 12, 1920 and enlisted in the RAAF on April 15, 1940.

    F/O Chester was engaged on a non-operational conversion flight of high altitude familiarization in Mustang A68-507 on June 5, 1945. The duty pilot was notified by a member of the public that an aircraft was seen to dive into the ground some 8 kms from the Gol Gol Gunnery Range.

    The Mustang was located the next morning spread over an area of 1.2 square km where F/O Chester was found lying near the engine, it was determined the Mustang broke up in the air before it crashed.

    F/O Kenneth Chester aged 25 was buried on June 8, 1945 at the Mildura War Cemetery Biography – Mildura 2OTU Heritage Inc